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Miami Letterpress Studio

GG Press is an artisan letterpress and foil stamping studio based in Miami, Florida. It is the result of pure passion for clean, crisp, and elegant stationery you can touch and feel, harking back to the fancier days before the digital era.


We craft each piece of paper very carefully, printing them one at a time. The result: simple and exquisite deep impressions, that are as practical as they are nostalgic. And because we are a small business, we are proud of every  single high-quality 3-D paper work that leaves our shop.


We use lush cotton paper, vivid colors and foils, and, of course, our vintage presses. Our custom plates allow you to create that special design that is uniquely yours, making each paper note that much more special.


We love what we do, and we do what we love. It's that simple.

AW Collection


Lara Rios is the artist behind the camera


Bespoke Invitations

Our invitations are envisioned by our clients, and then printed and assembled by us.


Business cards and more

All your corporate needs, printed on luxurious paper using the best printing techniques


We also have fun

Browse everything we have done and all that we can do for you

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