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Even though I always loved stationery - the feel, the look, the artistry of a beautifully printed piece of paper-, the fact is I didn't find letterpress: letterpress found me. When my sister-in-law started talking about wanting an elegant finish for her new company's imagery, I decided to explore the option of letterpress printing. I did extensive research and decided that the platen press was the one for me. The process of finding and acquiring a press came soon after. From what I learned, I knew I wanted a vintage Chandler & Price Pilot in pristine condition, not an easy find. But I got it: a fantastic piece of history that now becomes part of my own. I was completely in love. And that was only the beinning of a fantastic journey...


What I enjoy most about the vintage letterpress process is taking modern tech and a century-old machine and making them work together. I prepare and design using state-of-the-art programs on my computer, but are my trusty vintage letterpresses that deliver the final product. I can transform a virtual design into a three-dimensional touchable work of art on fine cotton paper, a process I find to be awe-inspiring.


I enjoy every step of the printing process, and I have to confess, I’m having a blast.  And it’s all reflected into a perfect work of art, somehow connecting the past to the present. 


Letterpress printing has experienced a revival because it brings back into our increasingly digitalized world a nostalgic mix of tangible history and respect for the old-fashioned craft of printing. I am happy to be a part of this revival and hope you join me in it.

I'm also a founding member at Letterpress Girls.

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